Animal feed
Animal fats


In response to the spread of BSE among cattle, EU regulation 1069/2009/EC gives rulings on categorization and handling of fats of animal origin. Briefly the categories are characterized as follows:

Category 1

Mainly derived from animals affected by diseases (e.g. BSE). Material of this category includes both specified high-risk material from slaughter / butchery and also animal cadavers and parts from which the high risk material has not been removed.

Category 2

Includes primarily dead animals that have died for reasons other than disease and have not been slaughtered (fallen animals). This category also includes body parts from animals not suitable for slaughter and material from animals not approved for slaughter.

Category 3

Contains animal by-products from slaughter, butchery and meat processing which originate from animals certified as healthy by vets. This material is not used for human consumption and is therefore left over. The various categories of animal by-products must remain strictly separated from the time of production until the time of use. If different categories are mixed, all the material involved is downgraded to category 1.

Category 1 and 2 material mainly goes for thermal recycling and, under the conditions specified by regulation 878/2004/EC, for technical use (oleo chemical industry, biodiesel industry).

However Category 3 material has more varied potential applications in oleo chemical sector, pet food, livestock feed.

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